Which data storage is the most meaningful, the entrepreneur must decide for themselves. With regard to data protection and the resulting regulations, service providers with the server location Germany are particularly suitable. These include Amagno and Centerdevice. In addition to the mere storage possibility of data, these two service providers and others also offer additional functions such as the administration of the inbox. While Centerdevice takes over the part of a secure storage space with simple workflows as a building block in a functioning, digital archive structure, Amagno offers further business functions here. Thus, in addition to the storage space, the system is additionally capable of learning and can be heavily automated in the workflows so that the entrepreneur can independently handle recurring tasks. The Amagno system could independently map the entire management of the data archive without having to be networked across multiple solutions, which would still be possible. The certification of the service provider for compliance with the principles of proper management and retention of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as data access (GoBD) makes it easier for the entrepreneur to demonstrate compliance on the spot.

Data volumes are good as long as nobody needs them. It does not matter whether we are talking about a paper-filled office or the paperless office. Crucial to the success of the venture is the organization of the data. With a “I put up the newest, because I hope never again” order, this can go well for a long time, but is by no means structured. It makes much more sense to define a structure from the outset, which is stringently pursued. This ensures that the data is always available where it has been sorted. For example, this order may be due to a sophisticated folder structure in conjunction with a uniform naming of the data.

This point should and should be heeded when storing data. Searching for data is one of the most inefficient processes for the entrepreneur. For this reason, a lot of knowledge and inventiveness for the downstream processes should be considered when setting up the storage structure.

Working with web applications

Few entrepreneurs have passed apps and tools like Evernote, Todoist or Trello. To the latter is the German alternative master task, which offers the same functionality in an improved design. In order to implement the paperless office, it is necessary to digitally organize the doodles on notes, conversation notes and also the “usual” work. For this purpose, the tools mentioned are ideally suited.

The extent to which these tools or the applications otherwise available on the market are used depends once again on the entrepreneur himself and his needs and requirements. I suppose I lean too far out of the window when I say that there is something for everything. The functions of the tools are incredibly varied and allow the depiction of complex relationships even across tools.

Which tools here and in which constellation should be used alone or combined is a matter of necessity. With Evernote or the Todoist to-do lists can be excellently displayed and scheduled. Trello and Masters Tasks provide a good overview of process flows and upcoming tasks. There are also various apps for various work techniques such as the Pomodoro technique for distraction-free working on a task. The best result is always the self-experiment, since the operation and especially the attitude of the apps are dependent on individual preferences.

The outbox in the digital world

The own desk leave only for the entrepreneur good documents. Especially offers and invoices are in the outbox. At this point, it would of course make sense to set a good example and show customers how the digital office works when their own documents are delivered directly in digital form. Service providers such as Debitoor or Getmyinvoice offer the management of invoices as a complete package. This includes the timely billing as well as the desire to verify the payment. For this, a corresponding account access must be granted.

Depending on the number of customers and invoices to be provided, the use of one of these or many other tools can pay off very quickly. Above all, it is important that in this process no own paper is used, but the complete solution works digitally. Connections to the business account or even a cloud-based document storage function perfectly and can even be automated.

But also for documents apart from offers and bills there are services that represent this digitized. The entrepreneur merely has to discontinue the template and shipping conditions so that the service provider has sufficient instructions to work from. In this constellation, it is even possible to organize the physical mail delivery by a service provider, if this is expressly desired by the customer.

A conclusion on digitization and today’s opportunities as an entrepreneur

Naturally, as a paperless coach, I am naturally committed to setting up the digital, paperless office. The reasons are relatively simple named and detailed:

The paperless office offers the entrepreneur more space and more flexibility

The digitization of documents enables a timely and location-independent access all stakeholders

The use of paperless tools and tools digitize all forms of notes for further processing

Receiving and sending digital documents is much faster than the postal service

The paperless office saves everyone involved, from the entrepreneur to the customer

I have now given many insights into the topic of the paperless office and how to get there. Of course, there are always questions about this and it is nice to talk with people about the challenges and achievements in real life. Therefore, I would like to cordially invite you to 03.Paperless Pioneers Conference on June 9, 2018 at the Humboldt Carré in Berlin.

Thanks to Amagno, one of our main sponsors, who shares our vision of a paperless office and a digital workplace. In addition to specialist lectures and workshops by experts from different fields, you will of course also have the opportunity to exchange views with participants and experts over a drink and delicious food in the break times.

As entrepreneurs, we should think hard about the paperless office and its organization. The digitization of this world is a trend that is unstoppable. And he brings a lot of good with him, so it is also idle to drumming around on the disadvantages. Rather, the individual advantages of the technology should be examined. The paperless office is much more than just avoiding paper. Rather, in my case, the vision is to be able to work completely digitally in order to be able to offer our customers and service providers the best possible service at all times.

There is nothing left today that does not exist and so there are no barriers to why we can not implement something. Rather, we entrepreneurs should consider the benefits for ourselves, for their own work speed and the result. Because under these aspects nobody comes past the digital and largely paperless office.