Introduction to the paperless office

One night, I once again sat in my office and my eyes wandered over the endless expanses of my folder structure. It was really impressive, what accumulated in such a short time on paper, if you were self-employed. How many trees were there in my office?

Much more horrible, however, I found the idea there at some point once again ran. What happened only when I needed an invoice, a delivery note or something else that was hidden somewhere in this paper mountain? No doubt, system was not bad, but it was very annoying. Time-consuming, resource-consuming and somehow terribly unproductive. So what if I could get rid of all the paper? Was not there the mystical concept of the paperless office?

When the sun goes down …

Out of my predicament I developed a great interest in the idea of ​​the paperless office. Hardly anyone talked about it, was it even there? Was it really possible in a bureaucratic state like Germany to make his office paperless? And what flowers could I put there then, where today were still a lot of folders?

Every entrepreneur in the world has the burden of being strapped or strapped on to his entrepreneurial career. This clearly includes official regulations, regulations and other rules that we must adhere to. At the same time, we also pack various other things such as service providers, customers and our own attitude into the backpack and carry them around with us. Why are we doing this?

From my first fantasy and the thoughts about the paperless office became more and more concrete the desire to implement this for myself. Not only for me I wanted to do it, but in my head was the serious will and desire to internalize this knowledge so intensely that I could help others with it. My business at the time became less important to me and I focused more on paperless thinking. I felt something disappear from my life, but a whole new vocation captured my enthusiasm.

Digital is a lot, but not scary

For many, digitization is still scary.

Very often I have been confronted by interested parties, visitors to our site, listeners of my podcast and customers with the question of whether the paperless office can even work. Unfortunately, I often feel the fear of something new. If we take a piece of paper in hand, it is tangible. If we put the paper in a folder, it is still tangible. Let’s destroy a receipt, we ask each time whether this was really correct. Or maybe we still need the document someday?

There are so many advantages in a paperless office, which unfortunately always give way to fear and take a back seat. Digitization is making tremendous progress in all areas of work. Just visualize an office in which paper no longer exists. Is that scary? In my opinion, by no means, because it has so many advantages. Every entrepreneur and employee of a company can make their personal backpack easier with the paperless office. Less paper is less load. And less load makes us significantly more flexible.

We humans are greedy in a positive sense

It is no shame to say that we humans try to keep our possessions together. We do not want to give away what we want. We cling to what we may call ours. But that makes the backpack of each one of us heavier. In this respect, the path to the paperless office begins with many in the head. That was also the case with me, where I worked out facts for myself. My contact with authorities, authorities or directives made the whole topic very clear to me. But I also took a long time to really understand how it works and what the framework conditions are.

It’s so incredibly liberating to go to a customer appointment with just a tablet or laptop. Once I open it up and have secure access to my digital data through my mobile operator, I can work with each of my clients. I do not carry a printed presentation, folder with instructions or similar through the area. No matter how hard and how big it is, I carry it digitally on my tablet and that weighs 500 grams every day.

Digital is relief – digital is the future

There have been and still are some trends in human history that were foreseeable for a long time and eventually came as a surprise. When young Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, said his vision was a personal computer in every household, people laughed at him. Mark Zuckerberg had the vision of a worldwide network and has achieved just that with Facebook in less than 15 years. Also a great visionary is Elan Musk. He was one of the founders of Paypal, the online payment service provider, and is today the mastermind of Tesla.

To call the paperless office a vision of scale may be presumptuous and not my intention, but digitization has earned such a mention in any case. It can not be paired like the other trends to a person or a group, but it is the trend of recent years and will continue to accompany us for a long time. It offers us humans so many benefits that we have not yet understood and realized.

Digital media are resource-saving

Those who do not use paper do not depend on the forests. The digital storage of documents and the sending of documents via electronic variants saves the environment a great burden. There is no doubt that one could also think about logistical transport at this point, which is no longer necessary and protects the environment. Critical in the moment, the power consumption for the digital media to consider, with the more resources spared than consumed, you would deposit this bill with values.

Access for everyone and from everywhere

Of course, only for those who are entitled to do so. The tax consultant is not interested in whether, as an entrepreneur, we are currently sitting in the office in Wanne-Eickel, on vacation on the Baltic Sea or on an expedition in the Himalayas. The availability of documents for the authorized group of people is given 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And by the way, we do not even care where the accountant is, as long as he does his job right.

But also in exchange with colleagues, the digital media are enormously important. What I already told you is how easy it is to work with my tablet. I have everything with me and can give my employees and business partners access to all sorts of documents whenever they need it. In this respect, working together on projects becomes much easier and no longer depends on the head or function. This increases the degree of location independence and time independence for all involved.

The backpack becomes digital

At the beginning, I already mentioned my pictorial thoughts on the rucksack of things that every person must wear privately as well as professionally. The more we put in there, the more immobile and inflexible we become. My focus is now on unpacking the aggravating things from the backpack and organize them so that they are feather-light. Digitization contributes significantly to this, as it makes, for example, all the documents unnecessary, which I would have to carry around with me.

From a packed backpack is thus a relatively lightweight bag in which only a medium must be included, with which I can query digital media. A laptop, a tablet or whatever it may be – that’s perfectly enough in times of advancing digitization.

Why should we become digital?

The idea of ​​dealing with digital media and possibilities can not be thought of soon enough. We are already in the midst of a reversal of the known and proven methods. I do not want to paint the devil on the wall, but what’s the name of it?

“Those who do not keep up with the times, keep up with the times”

I am sure that you can totally survive “undigital” for a few more years and decades and also do good business. However, in return I believe that the possibility of additional business in the near future is no longer in the analog world. Put simply, the Internet can still be considered a trend and continue to neglect everything that is online and put the focus on the stationary and analog business. Especially in the past 1-2 years, however, has become apparent what the Internet means. Large corporations and major retailers of the past 50 years have been in a serious crisis or have completely disappeared from the market, which has not adequately acknowledged the Internet as a trend. Quelle, Neckermann, Karstadt – and these are just a few names.

The advantage of the digital life is therefore above all that the possibilities of the future are not excluded. Those who act like that can pat themselves on the back, that he has also excluded the risks, but unfortunately the time will overtake him and eventually overtake.